Web server maintenance doesn't have to be scary.

What is Bogeymin?

Bogeymin is a web server and web site maintenance tool built for ISPs, Web Development Firms and Independent Web Developers. It offers:

  • A unique and consistent approach to directory and configuration management.
  • Varying levels of security based on Unix standards.
  • Mass management of virtual hosts and related data such as zone files.

Bogeymin caters to hard-core command line junkies but also helps the less experienced gain access to the system in powerful ways. This empowerment saves time and improves the customer experience.

We use Bogeymin every day to manage our own servers and websites. This real-world testing means you get a product that has seen production use by technicians and administrators that care about results.

Want to know more?

Bogeymin is still under development and not quite ready for prime time. Demonstrations of existing functionality are available upon request. Use the contact form to find out more.

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